Heather Furby
CEO and Co-Founder, Creative Age Leadership

February 18, 2016

Main Stage

7:45 PM Building Your Personal Board of Directors

15 min
solo talk

“Building Your Personal Board of Directors

Companies create a board of directors to advise, mentor and help make critical decisions. Your Personal Board of Directors serves the same purpose except that the common thread is you. Tap into your wisdom, trust your instinct and have faith in yourself so you can create the right teams to help you navigate phases from startup, through growth and funding. Once you build your trusted and loyal team you are unstoppable.

About Heather.

Heather Furby, CEO and Co-Founder of Creative Age Leadership, Inc., is a business strategist and innovative leader who works with high potential individuals to create lives of meaning and financial freedom.
With more than 20 years of expertise in consulting, executive coaching and personal development programs, including working with Apple, IntelliTools and with prominent charity auctions, Heather helps you masterfully navigate the special needs of today’s business environment and become a person of influence so that your ideas are heard, respected and sought. 
Heather is lead author of Amazon Best Seller “Women of Influence” and has proven you don’t have to follow the rules to make a difference and lead with impact.

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