Alison Raby
Co-Founder, Wisdompreneurs

February 18, 2016

Main Stage

8:00 PM Wisdom Activity

30 min
interactive session

“Wisdom Activity”

This activity will be an invitation for attendees to share with fellow participants their experiences of feeling excluded and included. As we move into the networking portion of the event, we invite participants to continue the activity by expressing what they feel passionate about including, how they have been affected by the talks and to express their experience entering into this conversation.

Alison RabyAbout Alison.

As Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Alchemist of Wisdompreneurs, Alison brings a compelling mindset and skill set to her responsibilities. Alison launched her first business at 21 and has since has founded and led several successful retail and service organizations. Currently, she heads two businesses that she created over a decade ago: Mariposa Search, a retained executive search firm with a dedication to diversity, inclusion and socially-conscious business; and LifeBeforeDeath, which provides seminars, individual guidance, and resources for personal development and the cultivation of increased aliveness. Her own wisdom practice began at 17 and includes a focus of nearly twenty years studying and teaching Gestalt Awareness Practice in the Bay Area and at Esalen Institute. She Co-Founded and administered the first degree-granting holistic health program in the United States and is a licensed Professional Development Counselor. She was the Volunteer Coordinator for Wisdom 2.0 in 2013, served on the board of Wisdom 2.0 Women and chairs one of the Bay Area’s largest association of search professionals. Alison also enjoys horseback riding, cuddling with her dog Linus, evangelizing about the importance of diversity and inclusion, facing death, and cultivating aliveness.

Mark NicholsonAbout Mark.

Mark Nicolson is a white man of considerable class privilege who was born and raised in England. He is a seeker who never gives up on himself or others in their quest for wholeness and aliveness. No stranger to pain and the effects of repression and brutality, Mark brings to his work a great hunger for release from any and everything that keeps him from connection to himself and others. He longs to transmute the guilt that results from privilege to effective strategies for change and inclusion.  His coaching clients include corporations, partnerships, VCs, and social change visionaries. He has recently worked with IDEO, BALLE, Humanity United, and the Ella Baker Center, as well as with Desmond Tutu and his family foundation. His nine-month Coaching Mastery leadership program begins in late February each year.

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